Dependable Systems

Lecture (2 SWS) 0432 L 592 in WS 2013/14


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When and Where

TUE 12-14 MA 141


Prof. Dr. Jan Richling


The lecture introduces the basic principles of design, modelling and evaluation of dependable systems. Methods of fault tolerance are discussed at different system levels from hardware up to applications.



Master students:
The course is component of Module MINF-SE-EOS.

Diploma students:
Informatik: Studiengebiet BKS
Technische Informatik: Fächerkatalog Technische Anwendungen


The language of the lecture is English.

Topics and download of slides

This list will be updated during the semester.

Slides are one slide per page in order to improve readability on screen. However, there are enough tools to convert them to n slides per page for printing.

The material offered here is ONLY for education purpose.

The course uses material by Prof. Matthias Werner and Prof. Miroslaw Malek with kindly permission.


More literature will be added during course.


Exams are oral.

If none of these dates is possible (especially for guest students), please contact me (email).

Additional dates in march will be added later and on demand.

Registration: QISPOS (if possible) and in Room EN 353 (for assignment of time slot).

Please note: This exam covers the WHOLE module, i.e., the lectures Embedded Operating Systems and Dependable Systems. Exceptions are subject of individual coordination (after lecture or email), if allowed by study rules.

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